High-quality irrigation services in Orange County, Inland Empire, and LA County, CA!

Irrigation in Orange County, CA

What is included in our irrigation services?

Your lawn needs a watering schedule that’s consistent, reliable, and works well with your lifestyle. Your life can get hectic at times. You may not have the time to water your lawn thoroughly, and different plants need different amounts!

Our team can set up a complete irrigation system for your gardens, shrubs, trees, and lawns. We will assist you with setting it so your water use will be most efficient. If you notice issues with the system, we will evaluate it to find the problem and reprogram, reset, or repair your irrigation system.

Why choose M1 Landscaping, Inc. services?

  • We are a team dedicated to doing our best work
  • Our crew achieves landscaping goals AND maintains them
  • We want you to have the landscape of your dreams
  • Designing, installing, and maintaining are the goal
  • We let all our work do the talking for us
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Irrigation in Orange County, CA

What good irrigation services do for my property or home?

Ensures even watering of your plants

Watering your lawn using a hose or movable sprinklers can be a very uneven process. You may forget to turn the sprinklers off one day and accidentally overwater some areas. You will end up underwatering others when you get busy and forget to turn them on. Your lawn, gardens, trees, and shrubs should not have to suffer from lack of or too much water.

The right irrigation system will provide the perfect amount of water to all areas of your lawn and garden without ever becoming an issue! The time of day is also important – you want to water early in the day when the weather is hot to avoid “boiling” your plants and grass.

Saves you money on water bills

Watering by hand, with a hose or sprinkler attachment, will waste a lot of water. This waste turns into money down the drain on your next water bill. Luckily, these irrigation systems provide just the right amount of water, so nothing goes to waste!

Waters without you having to think about it

As we’ve said before, life can get chaotic, and sometimes you forget to do things such as turn off the lights before going to bed, fold the laundry, or water your plants. Proper irrigation systems ensure all your greenery gets the water it needs without you having to lift a finger! We’ll teach you how to use your system to the best advantage, even turning it off when necessary.

Irrigation in Orange County, CA

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What are some things to know about irrigation services?

There’s different systems to choose from

Sprinkler systems are the most prominent form of irrigation for residential areas, though many others are beneficial!

For example, drip irrigation is excellent for gardens, center pivot irrigation is best for flat areas, and surface irrigation works well for large areas or farmland.

We will recommend the right system for each part of your landscape.

There are times of day better for watering

No matter where you live, it’s always better to water your lawn before the day’s heat. This practice limits the amount of evaporation, ensuring your grass or plants get the amount they need. You’ll find that the morning before about 10 AM is the best time!

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