Dazzling landscape lighting services in Orange County, Inland Empire, and LA County, CA!

Lovely landscape lighting in Orange County, CA

What is included in our landscape lighting services?

Your landscape may be almost complete, but something is missing if you look out and can’t see anything when it’s dark. If you want to feel more secure and safe when walking around at night, the only solution is quality landscape lighting! They can be placed wherever you want and where they’ll do the best while still looking fabulous. With so many various fixtures to choose from, the options are numerous!

Why choose M1 Landscaping, Inc. services?

  • We’re proud to let our landscape work speak for itself
  • We design, install and maintain your landscape
  • Our team always stays focused
  • Your dream is what we want to bring to life
  • We don’t accept anything less than our absolute best
  • You’ll be amazed at what we achieve and how we maintain
Lovely landscape lighting in Orange County, CA

What good does landscape lighting do for my property or home?

Keeps you safe from intruders

As a homeowner, you should feel safe walking around your home without fear of someone being there lurking in the shadows. It’s common knowledge that intruders are less likely to find their way to well-lit homes for fear of being seen and caught!

Accents parts of your lawn you need

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying all your favorite parts of your lawn, even when it’s darkest out. After all, nighttime is a beautiful time to do so, as the contrast from dark to light with lighting fixtures is sure to catch anyone’s eye!

Reduces trip and fall hazards

There are many reasons you could need to be walking around your property at night, and nothing is worse than getting hurt in your backyard! Proper landscape lighting allows you to travel around your lawn without worrying over what you could trip on, fall over, or bump into.

Lovely landscape lighting in Orange County, CA

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What are some things to know about landscape lighting?

Lighting can be set to timers

Some landscape lighting you have installed around your home can be set to timers to turn off and on at different times during the day. These landscape additions save energy, save you money, and make it much easier not to remember to turn them off!

Installation can be very dangerous

It’s easy to say you want to put landscape lighting around your home, but doing it is different. Lighting involves electricity, which has the potential to lead to nasty injuries if not handled properly! So it’s essential to leave jobs like these to those who know what they’re doing.

Does your property look more than a little lackluster? Wondering what you can do to upgrade your home’s look? At M1 Landscaping, you will receive all of this and more – and come out on top!

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