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What is included in our landscaping services?

We believe that a landscape is more than a simple piece of property – it surrounds your home and helps make that home what it is. So we begin with surveying your lawn to see what needs to be done, how much space you have, and any obstacles we have to work around. We pride ourselves on top-notch designs and follow through with the efficient installation. Our work will leave you more than satisfied and give your home a well-deserved makeover!

Why choose M1 Landscaping, Inc. Services?

  • We focus on achieving and MAINTAINING landscape quality
  • Our team stays focused on the tasks at hand
  • We’re a “triple threat” -design, install and maintain
  • Only our absolute best work is acceptable to us
  • Our work speaks for itself
  • We work hard to bring your dream landscape to life
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What good does landscaping do for my property or home?

Your property value will jump

If you want to sell your home, you’ll need to do everything you can to draw in potential buyers later on. You’ll notice very quickly once you’ve had good Landscaping done that your property and home value had risen to above what it was when you bought it!

You’ll make better use of your space

You don’t want to miss out on using good space on your lawn simply because the potential couldn’t be seen. Proper Landscaping takes the space you have and uses it in a way that makes sense for your family and looks good at the same time!

You’ll find yourself spending more time outdoors

Quality outdoor time can do wonders for you and your health, but sometimes the motivation isn’t there. When you can look outside at beautiful greenery and flowers, it encourages you to get out and take in the lovely sights as much as possible!

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What are some things to know about landscaping?

Trees improve air and water quality

It’s common knowledge that trees help provide a large amount of oxygen to us all, but that’s not all they’re good for! Trees that are tended to and healthy help keep the air around your home cleaner and filter water as it rains down to distribute it into the soil evenly.

Outdoor work helps you get into shape

We all love an easy way to help burn some calories and stay active – and working outside in the garden is no different! In fact, going outside to do some weeding can burn up to 300 calories in one sitting; this is as much as walking or bicycling at a moderate pace.

Are you ready to finally upgrade your property? Looking for the best quality services in your area? At M1 Landscaping, you will receive all of this and more – and come out on top!

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